ATV and Waterfall Costa Rica Tour

Drive your own ATV in this Costa Rica Tour into the rugged mountains, where your bilingual guide lead you through rustic tropical settings, unpaved roads, giant African Palm Plantations. Reward yourself by indulging in different natural swimming pools along the gentle river banks of the Gallega River, where you can swim in refreshing, crystalline waters. Finish your exotic journey with a delicious Tico-style (Costa Rican) meal… A great Costa Rica Tour! ATV Pick up 7:20am or 12:30pm cash/cc includes lunch, 10 lines, two rappels, minimum walking, all homemade Costa Rican food, transportation provided. Single ATV $105 or double ATV $135. Wear comfortable shoes, light clothing, bathing suit under your clothes (beautiful waterfall where you can swim).

ATV and Waterfall Costa Rica Tour

Leaving from San Antonio de Damas to see waterfalls and natural springs, the tour winds through a maze of muddy country roads that leads to an entrance into the unique rainforest ecosystem; you will disembark from the four wheelers and begin a short hike into the rainforest in search of wild jungle creatures. You will pass over hanging bridges with spectacular views of the river. After that you will get back on the ATVs to get dirty all over again. At the end of our tour, the transport will take you to a charming Costa Rican restaurant where you will enjoy some of Costa Rica’s most delicious specialty foods.

ATV 3 in 1 Costa Rica Tour

Exciting ATV combinations, a visit to the waterfalls and hiking beautiful trails!!!

What to Bring: Waterproof camera, sun block,towel, dry clothes for changing.

What to wear: comfortable clothes, tennis or water shoes.