Ocean Kayaking Tour:

Paddle near islands to see the nesting grounds of sea birds. Paddling a kayak on the open ocean can be an exciting way to experience Costa Rica’s beaches and coastal wonders. A sea kayaking Costa Rica tour is an opportunity to get a close look at the myriad of life below and above the ocean’s surface; from flying fish and sea turtles to frigate birds and pelicans. Paddling a kayak on the open ocean can be an exciting way to experience Costa Rica’s marine and coastal wonders. Sea kayaking is much easier than river kayaking, and most trips can be done by people who have never tried the sport before. If you would like to include snorkeling in your adventure!

Pick up 7:00am-11:30 $65 pp cash or credit card. Includes: Transfer, bilingual guide, lunch. Around 4 hours.

Damas Island Mangrove Kayaking Costa Rica Tour:

Immerse yourself in indescribable beauty, where nature reveals its flawlessness. In the mangrove, everything flow harmoniously; the blend of fresh and salt water, the diversity of the most extraordinary plants and the wildlife in its entire splendor. This Costa Rica tour will show you nature’s unparalleled wonders, just 10 minutes from Manuel Antonio park. The canals lead you on a ride through nature and time… let the current carry your kayak through this miraculous experience! Paddle protected inland waterways, a perfect place to learn this magical way of exploring coastal mangrove areas and seeing wildlife. Explore the protected estuaries of Damas Island. Watch the abundant wildlife which includes many shy birds, mammals and reptiles that live in his tropical habitat.

Pick up depends the tides- $69 pp cash or credit card. Includes: transfer, bilingual guide, lunch.

What to Bring: Waterproof camera, sun block,towel, dry clothes for changing.

What to wear: water shoes, bathing suit and a hat.

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